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Join thousands of others who are working hard to increase their profits as resellers.

With this membership, you no longer are hustling alone.

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Communicate with other profitable resellers who are sharing high quality information to help others win.

From major successes to lessons from losses, it all is covered.

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The strategies in PFP are ONLY available to members.

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❝I got Products for Profit on March 31st hoping to boost my eBay sales. I was concerned because all of my normal sources were closed down until further notice. In my first few days I was making money as fast as I could list the items. Through April 15th I have as much in sales in 15 days as I had from January 1-March 31. There is no doubt this course has taken my reselling game to a new level.❞

Matt - Member

Hi, I'm Joe Hart

Founder of Products for Profit

I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck...

and desperately needed to increase my income. So a few years back, I started flipping items that I found locally.

I then realized I could save more time and increase my profit margins by flipping items I could find at major retail stores. Items that were marked down or commonly passed over that had high profit margins on platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

I created Products for Profit to help others like me find financial and time freedom.

I felt it was best to share information in one place where people gather to share their knowledge, ask questions, and increase their income.

More than 140,000 Amazon sellers surpassed $100K in sales in 2020

And if that's not enough, more than half of Amazon's $200 Billion in revenue went to third party resellers. Now imagine what you could earn using Amazon, Ebay and others. Don't worry, we'll show you how.

Yes! I'm ready to start flipping!

We're not all here for the profits. 

When you run your own online reselling business you'll experience some of these perks too...

Work from Anywhere

If there's wifi and products to buy you can work there.

Unlimited Earning Potential

There really is no cap. If you're willing to put in the time, the profits will flow.

More Time For What Matters

People come for the profits and stay for the time GAINED to spend with those you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

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❝Since joining the group I’ve increased my sales by over 5k in less than a week. The tips and hints, as well as the general knowledge shared in the group has not only helped me increase my margins by being more efficient in shipping, fees, and capital costs, but the group also helps you stay up to date with the newest trends and the hot items. The market can change very quickly and it’s great to have all the extra pairs of eyes and ears out there keeping you connected. Highly recommended group.❞

Stalin - Member

❝I had been reselling for 2 years before finding Products for Profit. I had been profitable and steady in sales. After hitting a plateau in my own sales I chose to jump into Products for Profit to test what they had to offer. In the first month I added an additional $4,000 in sales. Products for Profits is worth the money and if you take the advice within the community you can build a healthy source of income.❞

Robert - Member

❝Products for Profit has changed the game for me. I’d never looked at flipping as a viable income stream until recently. I saw the results Joe was getting and it inspired me to give this a try. I’ve now done 100+ sales and am able to pay some of my bills this month with the profits.

Products for Profit is perfect for people like me who are new to the game, all the info you’d need is provided.❞

Ridley - Member

Checkout the Wall of Profits

❝On 3/24/20 I joined Products for Profit. It's almost been a month and two weeks and I can allocate roughly twelve thousand dollars in sales to products we're targeting in this group and products called out by members in chat. I was selling before Products for Profit - but now it's like I'm selling on steroids.
Great for newcomers and veterans alike, there is big time return on investment to be made here. If you're new - the ability to search and gain information through the Chat feature is extremely valuable. There's also a great group of 'veterans' willing to answer questions. I would recommend this group 1000/1000 times.❞

Bo - Member

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Join over 1500 others around the world in taking your reselling journey to the next level.

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  • The Flip List - Ultimate list of daily products you can flip for a profit - $25 Value

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  • Bi-Weekly Live Q&A's with Joe Hart 

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  • 3  Quick Start Guides to Help You Get Started

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  • The Flip List - Ultimate list of daily products you can flip for a profit - $25 Value 

  • Product Monitors on our Private Server for Instant Updates on the hottest products - $50 Value

  • Weekly Webinars and Trainings on Profitable Product Niches 

  • Bi-Weekly Live Q&A's with Joe Hart & the PFP+ Team

  • 3 Quick Start Guides to Help You Get Started

  • Private Membership Discord Chat for support and profitable items